Wheel Refurbs and Custom Paint:

We carry out all types of car/bike parts custom painting and Alloy wheel refurbishment. We're proficient in various techniques that allow us to repair your items to their original splendour, or choose a new colour and design too!

We make a point of using only high-quality products, offering competent and comprehensive advice and always keeping your design ideas in mind.

Step 1: Preparation

First, we strip the alloy using a sand blaster then fill and prime the alloy so that the rim and spokes are perfect. We use quality metal filler and 2k Primer. This is then flatted so that there is no "orange peel" effect when the basecoat is applied.

Step 2: Base Colour

The paint colour of your choice is applied. We can then Hydro dip the wheel before applying the top coat.

Step 3: Top Coat (Lacquer)

Once dipped and sprayed (if Hydro dipping is required) the wheel is coated with a 2K quality scratch proof lacquer (gloss or matte). This is then sanded and polished to a mirror shine to remove any imperfections. Items do not leave the workshop until they have the best possible result.

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